Worried About Your Dentist Appointment? Here Are Some Ways You Can Cope With Dental Anxiety

Worried About Your Dentist Appointment? Here Are Some Ways You Can Cope With Dental Anxiety

Around one in five people say they’re afraid of going to the dentist. This can be due to hearing stories about poor dental experiences, a fear of needles or dental tools, or a general phobia about having your teeth worked on. Whatever the cause, being nervous about going to the dentist doesn’t have to stop you from getting the care you need.   

At Silver Lake Dentistry in Raymore, Missouri, our caring providers are prepared to help you overcome your fears and make every dental visit a comfortable one, free of anxiety. Here’s how we can help.

We use only the most advanced technology

At Silver Lake Dentistry, we invest in the latest tech and methods to make your dental visit run smoothly. You can even walk in with a broken tooth and walk out with a brand new crown in the very same day. We offer CEREC® dental crowns, which our cosmetic dentist can make in the office, eliminating your need for a return visit.  

Here, you can relax in comfort

Our treatment rooms are designed to focus on your comfort. You can relax in a comfortable chair, wearing your earbuds to listen to soothing music while we complete your treatment. We understand that a cold, sterile environment can make you feel tightened up and worried, so we’ve worked to develop a beautiful place of serenity where you can relax.  

Need a little extra help?

Sedation dentistry in and of itself can sound scary, but don’t worry. In dentistry, sedation typically refers to a range of things we can do to help you relax and feel like you are in a safe space or twilight form of relaxation.

We never “knock you out” in the dentist’s chair. Nitrous oxide, or laughing gas, is one of the best anxiety relievers in any dentist’s arsenal. You’re always aware, but you don’t feel anxious or scared, and any discomfort seems very far away.

Oral sedation, which you take before your dental procedures begin, is another sedation option. You generally don’t fall asleep after taking the medication — although some patients feel so comfy in the chair that they naturally doze. Instead, your feelings of anxiety are simply removed, and you can feel safe and secure while getting your treatment. 

Don’t put off needed dental care because you’re fearful. Our priority is to put you at ease while we provide excellent oral care for your beautiful smile. Contact us at 816-368-5968 today.

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