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Teeth Whitening is the Quickest Way to Look Years Younger

Your smile is the first part of yourself you present to the world, whether at work, at home, or on the social scene. That's why you take such good care of your dental health. But did you know teeth whitening can also create a more youthful appearance, making you seem years younger without plastic surgery or other cosmetic treatments?

Over time, your dental enamel naturally becomes discolored. Enamel tends to yellow and may develop dark or light spots. These discolorations may be unsightly, and give away your age. To present the world with the fresher, brighter smile you used to have, turn back the clock with professional whitening treatments.

The team at Silver Lake Dentistry of Raymore, Missouri, led by experts Joshua Whitford, DDS, and Jessica Whitford, DDS, perform teeth whitening services for new and existing patients. We can help you select the best treatment options for your cosmetic goals, and help you achieve your optimal teeth whitening and anti-aging results.

Why do my teeth get discolored over time?

While the color of your teeth is determined to some extent by your unique genetics, stains can noticeably change their shade. Buildups on the surface of your teeth start to become visible as unsightly discoloration. Residue from substances that contain chromophores, like coffee, tea, red wine, or berries, are the most difficult to remove from the surface of your teeth. 

Your teeth feel smooth to the touch of your finger or tongue, but your dental enamel actually contains many tiny indentations and grooves. Take a look at the surface of a tooth under a microscope, and you might be surprised by the unevenness of the outer surface. Foods and liquids become easily trapped in the nooks and crannies of your dental enamel. 

Even the most thorough brushing and flossing routine can't completely remove all the trapped residues from your enamel. Thinning of your enamel over time can also cause your teeth to yellow, as underlying layers of dentin become visible.

Professional teeth whitening options for you

Today's cosmetic dentistry offers multiple types of teeth whitening, to give you the fastest, most effective results ever. The team at Silver Lake Dentistry offers simple and effective treatments for dull, dingy teeth.

With the Philips Zoom treatment, we combine a clinical-strength whitening gel with advanced LED technology. In less than an hour, you could see a significant lightening of the shade of your enamel. Here's how the process works.

We start by giving your teeth a thorough cleaning and polishing. After carefully shielding your lips and gums, our team uses a thin layer of non-abrasive clinical-strength whitening gel to lighten your enamel. The system's LED blue light works to activate the gel and accelerate the process of breaking down and lifting away dental stains from your teeth.

After just 45 minutes, your smile could be up to eight tones brighter on the VITA enamel color scale. We work with you to determine the best shade to provide a naturally rejuvenated and refreshed appearance. Professional teeth whitening is a lot quicker than most other anti-aging cosmetic procedures!

If you want a brighter, more youthful smile, don't wait for noticeable results from over-the-counter products that can also irritate and damage your oral health. Contact Silver Lake Dentistry today to schedule an appointment. 

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