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Pros And Cons Of Dentures: How To Know If They Are Right For You

Missing teeth can create some uncomfortable and unhappy changes in your life. After all, who wants to smile when you have missing teeth? Fortunately, you have choices to restore your smile.

One of the most common ways is with the help of dentures. While they have been around for a long time, the dentures of today aren’t the same as your grandparents’ were. Today, there are plenty of reasons to consider dentures, although they aren’t without a few drawbacks.

At Silver Lake Dentistry, Joshua Whitford, DDS and Jessica Whitford, DDS want to restore your smile and confidence. They’ve fit many men and women with custom dentures, and are excited to share with you why dentures might be right for you. Let’s consider the benefits and downfalls of getting dentures.

The Pros


From an aesthetic viewpoint, dentures are an excellent way to restore full rows of teeth. They fit properly and look cohesive, which means you can regain a confident smile. In fact, dentures can affect your entire face. Without them, your face might sag.

Dentures work for almost everyone

Even if your jaw or teeth aren’t in the best shape, dentures may still be an option. In contrast, bridges require a mouth of healthy teeth and dental implants need healthy gums and a strong jaw for a solid connection. Dentures are also a cost-effective way to restore your smile.


Dentures are incredibly easy to look after and maintain. You can clean your temporary dentures either in or out of your mouth. All it takes is a quick rinse after eating. When you’re not wearing your dentures, simply pop them in a glass of water with a denture cleaner. We recommend you do this every night so your gums get a rest.

The Cons

Dentures do have their drawbacks, which you need to weigh against the other teeth-replacement options.

Frequent replacements

Over time, dentures tend to wear down and the shape of your mouth changes, so you will likely need to replace your dentures at some point. Fortunately, it is an easy enough process compared to replacing dental implants or bridges.

Multiple procedures

Unfortunately, you can’t just walk into a dentist’s office and order dentures. We have to go through several procedures to ensure you get the best fit. We need to make molds of your mouth and remove any single or decayed teeth. Then your dentures must be fitted properly.

Removing dentures

We noted the benefits of being able to remove dentures, but removability can create problems, too. They may get loose or make clicking noises — an embarrassing situation. To keep your dentures securely in your mouth, the shape of the dentures must cover your palate, affecting the way your taste buds work. What’s more, if the dentures are loose and move around, your mouth may be sore or tender.

Different Types of Dentures

There are two basic types of dentures: removable and fixed.

Removable dentures are secured in place with either dental adhesive or suction, or even a combination. You can remove the dentures to clean them once or twice a day and at night to sleep.

Removable dentures are a cost-effective option, but as your mouth structure changes over time, you need to have your dentures replaced or refitted. As a result, you may need adjustments frequently during your first year and then around every three to five years afterward.

Fixed dentures are held in place by dental implants. The implants are similar to tiny titanium metal screws. They’re placed into your jawbone during a small surgical procedure. As time goes by, the implants fuse with your natural bone to provide a strong foundation for the dentures.

Fixed dentures simply feel more stable, and the adjustment period tends to be shorter. You don’t have to take your dentures out to clean them or at night, either.

While fixed dentures are costlier than their removable counterparts, they cost less over time because there’s less need for adjustments. The implants, though, do take a few months to heal, which means you may need a set of temporary replacement teeth while the implants heal.

Are Dentures for Right For You?

The only way to find out if dentures are the right choice for you is to weigh the pros and cons and then discuss your case with an experienced dentist like Dr. Joshua Whitford or Dr. Jessica Whitford. 

Call Silver Lake Dentistry today at 816-368-5968 to learn more about dentures and if you may be a good candidate. 

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