Dental Implants: All Your Questions Answered

Although modern dental implants have existed for over 50 years, they’ve recently become the gold standard for replacing missing teeth. This rise in popularity is partially because of how similar they look and feel to your natural teeth. Today’s modern dentistry practices can help ensure your dental implants are comfortable and durable. 

Although dental implants enjoy many advantages over other teeth-replacement methods such as dentures and dental bridges, many people are unaware of their versatility and benefits. At Silver Lake Dentistry in Raymore, Missouri, Dr. Joshua Whitford and Dr. Jessica Whitford are experienced at fitting great-looking dental implants so you can restore your smile and improve your confidence. Read on to find out how they can help you. 

Dental implants: A solid choice

The main advantage of dental implants is that they’re strongly anchored to your jaw like a natural tooth. Dental implants start with a base that’s similar to the root of your natural tooth. The implant base is inserted into your jawbone and fuses with the bone. This is due to a process known as osseointegration. 

By contrast, dentures are an imperfect solution for replacing natural teeth as they sit over the gums. Without tooth roots in the jawbone, you can lose bone mass and shape. This means that over time the fit of denture plates can change and may no longer match your gums and jaws. 

Other uses of dental implants 

You may think that an individual dental implant is needed for each tooth. Surprisingly, this isn’t the case. 

Multiple teeth can be replaced with a single implant because more than one crown can be placed on a single implant anchor. It’s actually common practice to use a pair of implants to anchor a bridge of three or more neighboring crowns. 

Dental implants are most commonly known as a permanent tooth replacement solution. However, they can also serve as a base for dentures. 

Typically, dentures are held in place by friction or adhesives. Dental implants can be used to anchor posts designed specifically to secure dentures. The dentures remain removable, but are solidly attached without the need for denture plates covering the roof of your mouth.

Pain-free dentistry

Despite all the advantages, you may be concerned about the procedures and recovery required to place dental implants. Dental implants can typically be placed using procedures no more painful than routine practices such as fillings and root canals. Modern painless dentistry procedures further reduce the pain associated with implants.

Nowadays, dental implants are placed with minimal impact on surrounding tissue. This is due to contemporary dental imaging technology. 

After the procedure, there’s often a recovery period lasting six weeks or longer. There’s no pain or discomfort during this phase of the recovery, during which your jawbone and implant form a more solid base.

Dental implants without dental surgery

Dental implants can sound complex and stressful. In reality, they’re an increasingly common treatment. A growing number of dentists are trained on the latest dental implant procedures, so in many cases there’s no need to see a dental surgeon.

Our team at Silver Lake Dentistry has expertise in dental implants. We can help assess and plan a dental implant treatment for you. If you’re ready to transform your smile with dental implants, call our office at 816-368-5968 or request an appointment online today.

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