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4 Common Myths About Dentures

4 Common Myths About Dentures

There’s always been some misconceptions about dentures, no matter how old you are. Unfortunately, not everyone’s teeth are created equally, and you may find yourself needing dentures sooner rather than later. But with so many misconceptions, how do you know what to believe when it comes to dentures?

At Silver Lake Dentistry, our team are experts in an array of different issues that can plague your teeth. Dr. Joshua Whitford and Dr. Jessica Whitford are our two dental specialists who offer different types of dentures to fit your needs and who ease your worries about your new smile.

How do dentures work?

Dentures are essentially custom-made false teeth that replace teeth that have either fallen out or have been removed. They can be either full or partial, meaning they’ll replace all of your teeth or just some of them.

To get dentures, our team takes an impression of both your upper and lower gums and mouth. This allows the dentures to be perfectly fit to your mouth and gums. Partial dentures are made to fit in perfectly with your remaining teeth as well.

The dentures fit tightly over your upper and lower gums by way of a base that’s made of acrylic. This acrylic base matches the color of your gums, so they look natural. With a proper fit, the dentures should basically suction to your upper and lower palate, making them snug and not likely to move around.

Dentures are a great way to improve your smile when you’ve lost a lot of teeth. They also allow you to chew your food properly and to speak without difficulty. The best thing about dentures is that they also help to restore the confidence in yourself after you’ve lost teeth.

Common misconceptions about dentures

When you’re looking at getting dentures, there’s a lot of things to consider. However, it can be hard to wrap your head around a set of dentures when there’s so many myths floating around. The best thing you can do is educate yourself about dentures to get the full, and factual, picture.

There are many misconceptions about dentures, and four of the most common that you may hear include:

Myth #1: Dentures last forever

Just like many other things you wear, dentures too only last so long. Because they’re used in everyday life, dentures are prone to wear and tear over time, even when taken care of properly. They can chip or become dull, making it difficult to talk and eat. Although dentures can last a long time, you’ll likely need to replace them at some point.

Myth #2: Dentures mean no more dental hygiene

If anything, dental hygiene is even more important when you have dentures. Bacteria can get caught on your gums under the dentures, so it’s important to make sure you’re still actively cleaning your dentures and your mouth. 

Dental visits are also important so our team can make sure that your dentures are still fitting properly and you’re not having any issues with your gums.

Myth #3: They don’t look like real teeth

Dentures have come a long way over the years and are custom made to match the color of your gums and any existing teeth you may have. Our team takes custom molds of your mouth, and gets the colors exact, so that your dentures look completely natural and complement your smile.

Myth #4: It’s hard to eat with dentures

When you first get your dentures, you may find it difficult to eat, because it’s a change. However, if your dentures are properly fitted by our team, you should have no problem eating everything you did before dentures. 

With a good fit and a little bit of practice, eating with dentures should be no different than with natural teeth.

There are other alternatives to dentures, including dental implants and bridges. It’s best to discuss your options with our team to figure out what option is best for you and your smile.

If you’re in need of a team who can meet your dental needs, don’t hesitate to contact Silver Lake Dentistry today. You may call our office at 816-368-5968, or you can send a message to our team on the website.

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